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Making the perfect productive joint: Country’s Good Neighbor

  • 3 min read

We at Country Cannabis had a simple goal: to make the world's best joint for sparking productivity. Turns out that was easier said than done, but after a year of hard work we think we've nailed it. Country is proud to introduce our first product, a flavorful light blend we call Good Neighbor.

Wait, there’s such a thing as "productive weed"?

Yes! You probably already know that cannabis can spark creativity and lead to big ideas. But a lot of people find the typical cannabis flower to be way too strong, sabotaging any motivation to act on those innovative visions. There are some edibles and drinks in lighter varieties, but nothing to smoke... until now. Country's Good Neighbor is a light blend designed with your productivity in mind.

What's in the Good Neighbor blend?

If you're a cannabis connoisseur you already know that it's all about the genetics. But even casual consumers can appreciate the plant lineage we've thoughtfully put together here. Just like premium wineries blend varietals to craft a superior wine, Country has blended two heirloom strains to create the perfect balance of CBD and THC with a fruit-forward flavor profile to boot. 


We're not sure how the late pro-cannabis activist Jack Herer smelled but the sativa-dominant strain named after him has a fruit-forward aroma that's simply fantastic thanks to its rich terpene profile.

Fans of this award-winning strain describe it as blissful, clear-headed, and creative -- perfect attributes for helping you enthusiastically tackle any project. We source our Jack from Somarosa Farms in Sonoma County, California.


The top reported effects for this CBD-dominant strain are relaxed, happy, and uplifted. Given that it produces little to no intoxication, it is ideal for use when you're in the middle of a stressful day and trying to get stuff done. Located in the sunny hills of Sonoma County, our AC/DC is sourced from Sweet Creek Farm which is owned and operated by a mother and daughter pair: Kila ("Mama Ki") and Keala Peterson. This family farmstead's approach to growing is  centered around sustainability.

How does the Good Neighbor blend help productivity?

Allow us to nerd out about the science behind our custom blend. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the compound in cannabis that makes you feel high. A lot of cannabis on the market is very heavy in THC, which doesn't always make for the lucid mindset you need if you want to be productive. CBD (cannabidiol) is the second most common cannabis compound that produces  relaxing effects without the psychoactive high of THC. CBD can even help regulate your THC high (or as we like to say, keep you down on Earth).

So we figured, why not make a blend that gives you the best of both worlds -- an uplifting and relaxing experience that still allows you to focus and stay motivated. Good Neighbor is perfectly blended at equal parts THC and CBD to do just that. It took us months of hard work to perfect this formula (but sampling the Good Neighbor prototypes helped keep us in the zone!).

What about flavor?

Did you think that a bunch of people who live for cannabis would put all this work into crafting a blend without making sure it had an awesome flavor? Good Neighbor is chock full of terpenes (those are aromatic compounds found in many plants, including cannabis). The primary terpenes in Good Neighbor include terpinolene, myrcene and alpha-pinene, resulting in a unique flavor with rich notes of wild pear, spring grapefruit, and tahoe pine. 

The best part is that we've developed an innovative vacuum-sealed jar to preserve the flavor of our joints. The built-in pump allows you to reseal the jar over and over, preventing your joints from getting stale. Every time you open the jar thattsssss sound will let you know you're unleashing freshness.

Ready to try Country’s Good Neighbor blend?

If you're looking for a daytime high that will uplift you, motivate you, and help you tackle your day, it sounds like you're ready to meet Good Neighbor. This revolutionary new light cannabis product is available in single pre-rolls and in pre-roll six-packs housed in our exclusive vacuum-sealed jar.

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