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Protecting Freshness: Cannabis Deserves to be Preserved

  • 3 min read

It's time to have a conversation about freshness. No, we're not referring to your personal hygiene (hopefully that's not a topic we need to tackle). We're talking about your weed. 

Hold on, cannabis can go bad?

Yes, weed can go bad if you don't store it correctly. There's a reason florists keep roses and tulips in refrigerators. Don't forget that cannabis is also a flower (although, as we will see, sticking it in the fridge or freezer is not your best bet). 

In extreme cases, your  weed can grow mold, which probably won't harm you -- it's just kind of gross. But even sans the mold, cannabis can quickly  lose significant THC potency when not stored properly. You've probably also noticed that your weed's enticing aroma doesn't have that same kick after it's been laying around in your plastic sandwich bag for a while. And that, of course, means it also doesn't taste as great.

Why does weed get stale?

If you want the gory scientific details, the main reason cannabis goes bad is oxidation -- in other words, exposure to air. Cannabis also breaks down quickly when exposed to high temperatures or sunlight, which is easy enough to avoid by keeping your stash in a dark, cool cabinet or drawer. But that still doesn't address the final culprit, humidity (which can cause the aforementioned icky mold).

Most people try to solve these problems by storing their weed in air-tight plastic containers or baggies. Stop doing that! In addition to being bad for the environment, plastic also  wreaks havoc on cannabinoids (including THC) and terpenes (the compounds that create aroma and flavor). And if you're using metal tins or glass jars, most of those are not up to the job when confronted with weed's nemeses, air and humidity.

So how am I supposed to store my cannabis?

We're glad you asked, because that same question haunted us for many months. After spending so much time developing an awesome product with a kick-ass flavor, the idea of letting it go stale just crushed us.

We decided we needed to pull an "Anheuser Busch" on the cannabis industry. Back in the 1870s, Adolphus Busch  revolutionized the beer market by introducing pasteurization and refrigerated transportation, which allowed beer to retain freshness for much longer. These days it would be unthinkable to sell beer without these innovations. And once you try it, you might feel it would be unthinkable to store your weed without our cutting-edge solution.

Country's exclusive vacuum-sealed jar is the ticket 

We partnered with our friends at Canlock to develop a revolutionary vacuum-sealed glass jar with a built-in pump that allows you to reseal the jar over and over. That's right, you can literally remove the air from your jar each time you use it to prevent that dreaded oxidation and to keep humidity to a minimum.

It is SO satisfying to open the vacuum seal (tsssss) and get hit with a whiff of that crisp cannabis aroma. And the freshness extends to the taste as well. Once you start using this jar you'll see that every puff is sweeter than before.

Maybe the best part is that the glass jar is recyclable and comes with zero plastic-guilt. Or you can upcycle the jar and reuse it for other flower products or herbs long after you've smoked your Country light joints. 

Ok, how do I get one of these nifty resealable jars?

Every six-pack of Country joints comes in our exclusive freshness-preserving jar. You can experience the sensory fun of the vacuum seal along with six flavorful Country light joints -- that sounds pretty freaking fresh, if you ask us.