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MendoCino Train

Our First High-CBD Whole Flower

Featuring Mendo Fruit Punch and CBD-Rich Cannatonic Genetics

Mendocino Train takes you on a leisurely ride through redwood forests and orange groves. Step back into a simpler time, and with a clear head, as you set out on your next great adventure.

Fresh, flavorful
& Productive

Our high cbd flower is produced in small-batches at family-owned farms and preserved in a resealable pouch to ensure maximum freshness.

Sustainability Matters

In packaging

We aim to reduce our footprint with re-usable glass jars and tubes, and bags made of 80% post-consumer recycled materials


In cultivation

Our farm partners practice sustainable and regenerative farming practices like solar and hydro-electric power and rainwater catches


In community

We support the Weed for Warriors Project for veterans, Momentum program for social equity founders, and various local organizations that supports folks in need