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Celebrating Heritage: “Fourth of July”

  • 2 min read

Here at Country Cannabis we value history and good old-fashioned traditions. Celebrating the heritage of our past helps us forge our future.

For Americans, July 4th is the most patriotic holiday of the year. On the fun side, it's a time to watch colorful fireworks, fire up the grill with friends and family, and maybe even light up some  Country Good Neighbor joints. But on the historic side, we all know that July 4th marks the day we declared our independence from Britain and founded our country. Or does it?...

Well, if you want to get technical, the Continental Congress had  voted to declare independence two days earlier on July 2nd. But they didn't actuallydeclare it until July 4th. Remember, this was back in 1776 when things were a little slower moving. It's not like the founding fathers could just hop on Instagram Live to announce their new country in real time. It took a couple of days to write up the official Declaration of Independence and for John Hancock to warm up his hand for that giant signature.


Regardless of the details, July 4th became the date for the official federal holiday and most Americans call it "Fourth of July" instead of "independence Day" (that name is now reserved for the epic Will Smith movie). Starting in 2021 we are fortunate to have another hot weather patriotic holiday to celebrate: Juneteenth, which commemorates the emancipation of slaves.  The June 19th date is the anniversary of the last state to proclaim slaves free in 1865 (more than two years after Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation). This year both holidays fell on weekend days, meaning they are officially observed on the closest weekday. But we still call them Juneteenth and Fourth of July!

The history of all these dates may be confusing, but that doesn't dampen celebrations. Independence Day festivities are a cherished American tradition. Starting with the first anniversary of the special day in 1777, early Americans celebrated with many of the customs we still continue today, including fireworks, parades, and lots of good eats. 


But while you're admiring those red, white, and blue decorations and enjoying some good old-fashioned hot dogs and hamburgers, don't forget about the meaning behind the holiday. This is a day to honor the founding of our great nation.

Here at Country Cannabis, we found it fitting that we were preparing to launch our own "nation" of sorts on this storied day. The Country "founding fathers" have spent the last year chasing our vision of making great-tasting light cannabis for all hard-working folks. We're excited to declare that the  perfect productive joint is here: Good Neighbor. And there will be much more to come from our new community. We hope you'll join us in celebrating the founding of Country.