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Welcome to Country

  • 2 min read

Welcome to Country.

Here, we believe in cannabis' ability to connect us - to our work, to ourselves, to our people - and we want to bring that social, productive experience to you by creating light cannabis.

For years, growers have been selecting cannabis genetics for higher and higher amounts of THC, and while this 'super-strength' is great for some, it can be too much for many of us. Quality is about so much more than just THC - it's about how it smells, tastes, looks... and most importantly, feels.

We created our inaugural blend - 'Good Neighbor' - to be your perfect, anytime joint; to support you while you work, and while you play. 

We worked closely with master cultivators to blend a tried-and-true uplifting sativa classic, Jack Herer, with AC/DC - a strain known for its high percentage of CBD to help you focus and enjoy. The result? A perfectly balanced 1:1 blend that always lends a helping hand.

When you pick up your first 6 pack, you'll notice our jar looks a little different - we've developed an innovative vacuum-sealed jar with a built-in pump top that allows you to reseal the jar over and over to keep your cannabis fresher longer. 


You'll also see my number on the side of our box. That's because I want you to feel like you can always get in touch. Whether you've got a question about a product, or just want to say hello - I'm standing by.

Country was founded by a team of folks with a shared set of values - in hard work, hospitality, and helping others; today, we're launching Country to bring you cannabis you can count on.

We're happy you're here. 

- Jamie