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The real MVP: Country’s Win the Day blend

  • 3 min read

Country Cannabis is all about harnessing the productive power of weed, and we've spent the better part of this year perfecting our all-star lineup of light cannabis blends including Win the Day. This extremely flavorful joint gives you a victory lap type of high while still motivating you to tackle whatever the day has in store. In other words, it’s the perfect companion to help you Win the Day.

What’s in the Win the Day blend?

If you're familiar with our  Good Neighbor joints, this blend is a little stronger, but it's still light enough for you to rack up W's throughout your day. The Country team lives for cannabis and we hand-picked a dynamic duo of premium strains that we tested ourselves. We think these two combine perfectly for an uplifting, motivating experience with an incredible flavor profile.

Watermelon Rancher

Out of dozens of strains that we tested, this one had the most amazing aroma! Imagine sipping an ice-old watermelon agua fresca on a hot summer day and you'll get an idea of the juicy but tart flavor of Watermelon Rancher. Sourced from local farmers in Mendocino County, this strain brings an uplifting, playful high.

Pineapple Tonic

This CBD-rich strain rounds out our blend for a mellow experience that allows you to stay motivated. Users report feeling relaxed but alert while smoking this well-rounded strain from State Flower in Oakland. Pineapple Tonic has a great flavor and aroma as well - smooth and tropical like a pineapple with hints of muddled mint and other herbs. 

When should I smoke Win the Day?

Whenever you like, of course! But we’ve got some ideas, based on the unique experience of this light blend – enjoying sports, at the rodeo, or anytime you need to be productive.

Playing & watching sports. 

Bring a couple Win the Day six-packs to share at your next game or tailgate and you'll be the MVP. Our Win the Day blend will enhance both the flavor of the BBQ and your experience - whether you're on the field, in the bleachers, or in your living room. The playful high will without a doubt get your group fired up to cheer the home team on to victory.

Before your workout: 

Regular users know that cannabis can be a great pre-workout ritual, increasing blood flow in the body and reducing the discomfort of any chronic pains you may have. Our Win the Day blend is a 1:2 CBD to THC ratio, especially well-suited for your exercise routine because you'll still feel alert and motivated to move. Whether you're heading outdoors for a run or strapping up for a heavy lift sesh, you're bound to hit that new PR with Win the Day.


Instead of a cocktail.

After a hard day's work, you sometimes want to kick back with an ice coldbeer. Or when hanging out with friends at happy hour, you sometimes want to wet your whistle with one of those fancy cocktails. Well, ditch the calories and hangovers of alcohol and go on and Win the Day instead. You'll find it's the perfect way to unwind and get the evening off to a fun start (without regretting it the next day).

Win the Day is for everyone!

If you're a weed connoisseur, you'll be wowed by the genetics and mouthwatering flavor of this blend. But even newcomers will appreciate the great taste and balanced feeling that keeps you happily motivated. We built this light blend for everyone and hope you'll give it a try! Win the Day is available in single pre-rolls and pre-roll six-packs housed in our exclusive vacuum-sealed reusable glass jar.