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6 Adventures to Do in Mendocino

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6 Adventures to Do in Mendocino

California is rich with captivating wilderness and must-see destinations. From the sandy beaches of San Diego to the rocky coast of Eureka, incredible adventures are just around the bend. If you're looking for your next adventure or ever find yourself up the Mendocino Coast, make sure to put these on your to-do list.

Couple Hiking Mendocino Redwoods

1. Hike through the Redwoods.

Just 20 minutes south of Mendocino lies the Navarro Redwoods State Park. After winding over rolling hills and through the Anderson Valley, motorists traveling along Highway 128 suddenly enter an eleven-mile-long redwood tunnel to the sea. The redwood forest along the Navarro River is a magnificent sight. Pull over at one of these locations to enjoy pristine trails with verdant ferns and redwoods that leave you in awe. By the way, If you see any critters that look like this (See image below of a Yellow Spotted Millipede), don't touch them as they excrete a small amount of cyanide and could burn your skin. Who knew?

Yellow Spotted Millipede


2. Catch a Surf Perch.

The area around Fort Bragg has a bunch of great spots to get your line wet. The most common fish to catch here from the shore is perch (from the sandy beaches above Fort Bragg) or rock fish (from the rocks at Marin Headlands). Just make sure to be cautious of heavy surf. If you're looking for tips on tackle, check out this forum. And if you don't catch anything, no stress! Fishing isn't just about catching, it's about being out in and connecting with nature.

Riding the Mendocino Skunk Train

3. Ride the Skunk Train.

Take a trip back in time with this affordable and family-friendly activity that you'll never forget. Meet at the Depot in Fort Bragg, chit chat with the conductor Johnny, load up on snacks and *ahem* refreshments at North Coast Brewing Co. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the train as it coasts through town, along Pudding Creek estuary, and through the towering redwoods. Stop for 15 minutes to walk the hiking trails, and then be back in time for a seafood brunch. We loved this trip so much we named our Mendocino Train flower after it. Learn more about the Skunk Train.

Mendocino Jams

4. Picnic with some Ollalieberry Jam.

A stroll down Main Street will inevitably lead you to Mendocino Jams and Preserves, a family-owned jam store that's full of charm and well, jams. If you ask for their recommendation, they'll point you to the Ollalieberry Jam and we promise it won't disappoint. Like a tart blackberry, Ollaliberry was bred by crossing 'Black Logan' (Loganberry) and Youngberry by scientists at USDA Agricultural Research Service, in collaboration with Oregon State University. Now, it can be found up and down the Northern California coast.

View from Sol de Mendocino of Coast

5. Visit the Sol de Mendocino Dispensary.

On the edge of town and mere steps to the Mendocino headlands lies this dispensary with perhaps the most beautiful views of any dispensary in the world, Sol de Mendocino. Walk in and be welcomed by a knowledgeable staff eager to guide you to your preferred cannabis products. Given its proximity to the Emerald Triangle, where Humboldt, Mendocino and Lake Counties intersect, you'll find some of the very best cannabis products in the world. Go in and say hi to the Owner, Mary!

Bar with Seats

6. Warm up at Patterson’s Pub.

After a long day of activities, warm up and fill your belly at good ol' Patterson's Pub. Since 1933, this irish restaurant and drinking hole has comforted weary travelers with hearty eats and ice cold beer. Sit inside for a true pub experience or enjoy the outdoor seating. And it's open late!

These are just a few of the many incredible things you'll find in a trip to the northern coast of California. Put it on your bucket list, you won't regret it.


Waving at Skunk Train Riders